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  • Entrevista Final a Zumy

    Entrevista Final a Zumy
    Entrevista com Daniel Negreanu - Parte 2 de 2Entrevista com Daniel Negreanu - Parte 2 de 2
    Autor: Pokerptvideos
    Entrevista com Daniel Negreanu - Parte 1 de 2Entrevista com Daniel Negreanu - Parte 1 de 2
    Autor: Pokerptvideos
    Vitoria do Zumy no WCPVitoria do Zumy no WCP
    Autor: NYA-Mike
    Heat 5 - Transmissao CompletaHeat 5 - Transmissao Completa
    Autor: Pokerstars
    Zumy elimina dois jogadores e acaba com as esperanZumy elimina dois jogadores e acaba com as esperan
    Autor: Caco Pinto
    Entrevista com Zumy antes de jantarEntrevista com Zumy antes de jantar
    Autor: Caco Pinto
    Video do double up de ZumyVideo do double up de Zumy
    Autor: Caco Pinto

    coments Este video ha sido comentado en 9 ocasiones.

    coments 2007/09/07 a las 05:02:15 enviado por Pedro Miranda.
    Zumy ! Parab
    coments 2007/09/07 a las 06:09:42 enviado por Jo.
    Zumy! Grande festival ...
    coments 2007/09/07 a las 11:07:42 enviado por Daniel \"Danymite\" Neves.

    Grande Zumy!!!!!! Espectacular! Genial! Delirante! Nunca me tinha divertido e emocionado tanto a ver um jogo de poker. Parab
    coments 2007/09/08 a las 20:04:21 enviado por Ricardo Lopes.
    Grande Zumy... Simplesmente Genial. Continua
    coments 2007/09/10 a las 19:00:15 enviado por anonimo SA.
    Simplesmente parab
    coments 2007/09/10 a las 19:15:00 enviado por Terra.
    Continua a mostrar a tua RA
    coments 2008/01/27 a las 18:17:07 enviado por cirkuit.
    parabems, acabaste de falar com o meu 3 jogador favorito do mundo inteiro, muitos parabems.
    coments 2008/10/11 a las 18:23:54 enviado por RITA MONTEZUMA.
    coments 2012/06/03 a las 03:59:10 enviado por JkSVfHJECReCJj.
    Signing up and playing for free at any onnile site will teach you 90% of what's in this book. I've played a little over two weeks onnile, and found nothing in this book that wasn't already obvious. The practice hands are a useful idea, but while I waited for this book to arrive, I've played hundreds and hundreds of hands and started reading books on poker. I skimmed and understood everything in this book except the practice hands in a couple hours. It contains nothing that you would ever refer to once you know how to play. If you want to learn poker and play onnile, buy a book about POKER, not onnile play. You can figure out the onnile play without much time or effort.
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